Make Your Customers Spend and Engage More in Store

Turn Them into Paid Customers, Attract New Customers, Don't Let Them Switch Other Brands

Our platform helps tens of web and mobile companies to easily run reward programs to increase in-store retention and revenues

What can you do with our platform?

 Grow your paying customers. We know it is hard to monetize your store effectively without enough incentive. In fact, increasing your retention rates by 5% can increase profits between 25% to 95%. Our loyalty platform help can increase your store revenues.

 Turn your core customers into communities. Customers always seek a new experiences and they are more connected than ever. Our platform helps turn your core customers into communities.

 Increase your store retention. Our platform helps stores develop a stronger incentives to make customers stay and loyal by giving your them a reason with attractive rewards to keep coming back.


Why to choose our platform?

 Fully managed by us. We manage the program fully for you from delivering points, managing catalog of prizes, customer memberships to tracking and delivering prizes. So you can concentrate your core operations.

 Fits your marketing mix. Our dashboard and web tools help your team understand your customer behavior and keep track real-time of your campaign metrics.

 Effortless integration. We offer an easy-to-integrate widget and API without any front-end development needed. Our widgets are compatible with top mobile / web browsers and embedded in Android / iOS native apps.

Customers who are members of a loyalty program generate between 12% and 18% more revenue than non-members.



 The best way to understand how our platform can help

Koomalooma will respect your privacy and will not share, trade or rent any identifiable personal information or data with 3rd parties, marketers or promotional purposes. We will only contact you about the demo. 

About koomalooma

Koomalooma is a complete loyalty program and platform to easily run reward programs, manage promotions and discounts on online stores, games and digital companies across web, mobile and app channels.

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