Mobile Carrier Billing and Loyalty Programs

Opportunity, Program Design and Effects of Loyalty Programs on Mobile Carrier Billing Payment Channel

Discover how to achieve up to 14% increase on sales on mobile carrier billing transactions

About Mobile Carrier Billing

Mobile Carrier Billing is one of the most successful monetization channels for digital entertainment companies such as game publishers, dating service providers, music and video streaming and other digital content and services. With a global turnover of $ 24.7 Bln in 2019, up from $ 14.5 Bln in 2015, Mobile Carrier Billing represents also an increasingly source of income for Mobile Network Operators as well as an opportunity for other ecosystem players such as Mobile Payment Processors.  


About the Whitepaper

This Whitepaper is about to rock your world because we’re going to dive head first into exactly what Mobile Carrier Billing  and Loyalty Programs are and how they work. We will then describe how to design an integrated Loyalty Program and Mobile Carrier Billing solution and how this benefits each party of the ecosystem. Finally we will corroborate our findings with real numbers based on extensive case studies and research conducted by our firm.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Mobile Carrier Billing, how it works, how it is used and benefits of this payment channel
  • Introduction to Loyalty Programs, Program Types, Program Benefits
  • Optimal Loyalty Program design for Mobile Carrier Billing
  • Key benefits of Loyalty + Carrier Billing


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This Whitepaper is for:

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Mobile Payment Service Providers
  • Digital Content and Services Providers

Key Takeaways:

By adding a well designed Loyalty Program to Mobile Carrier Billing it is possible to grow spending and retention effortlessly.   

  • Increase Gross Transaction Volumes up to 14%
  • Achieve 4X to 4.5X ROI on the program cost

About koomalooma

Koomalooma is a loyalty platform and program for mobile and web companies. koomalooma is currently offered across multiple carrier billing services globally with a track record of increasing gross transaction volume and user retention. koomalooma is friction-less and doesn't affect conversion rates during the purchase flow.

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