Turn your users into paid ones. Attract new ones. Stop them switch your competitors. 


A loyalty program and platform for your web and mobile channels

Koomalooma is a tool for you you to issue points and reward your customers for their actions; making a purchase, paying for a content, signing up your newsletter, inviting their friends, filling detailed profile, giving you a feedback or any other

Growing Your User Retention

Without enough users, it is hard to monetize your products and services effectively. Increasing your retention rates by 5% can increase profits between 25% to 95%. You can grow your user retention.

Turning Your Players into Communities

Your users always seek a new experiences and are more connected than ever. You can turn them into communities and benefit from word of mouth to attract new users. 

Reducing Payment Commissions

Some payment channels are more profitable. You can be effective in motivating your users into selecting your preferred payment channels and lower commissions.


The best way to grasp the power of Koomalooma is to see it in action

Meet Koomalooma, powerful and effortless loyalty program 

No setup, no monthly, no one-time fees, no commitment.

Koomalooma is free to join and get started. Implementing koomalooma takes hours not weeks. 

€500 free credit for startups and €300 free credit for SMBs to start. No strings attached.

Request your free live demo. Learn how to make your users return, spend and engage more

Koomalooma will respect your privacy and will not share, trade or rent any identifiable personal information or data with 3rd parties, marketers or promotional purposes. Koomalooma will only contact you about Koomalooma program.

And the best part is?

Koomalooma is FREE to join, No credit card required, No strings attached. You get € 500.00 free credits if you are a startup and € 300.00 free credits if you are a small or medium size business to get started with koomalooma. 

Relevant prizes for users

Your users get relevant prizes that really attract them: cash backs (PayPal), digital goods (iTunes, Netflix, Steam vouchers) and other prizes. All are available thanks to koomalooma coalition programs.

Fully managed by us

koomalooma manages the program fully for you so you can concentrate your core business. From delivering points, managing a prize catalog, user memberships to delivering prizes.

Low integration effort

An easy to integrate widget without any front end development effort needed on your side. Compatible with almost all mobile / web browsers and embedded in Android / iOS native apps.


Increase repeat purchase and overall spending: customers who are members of a loyalty program generate between 12% and 18% more revenue than non-members.

Accenture, 2016

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